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Skunky is one of the founding members of Nadreamia. He is a life-long vegan who won't even harm a mosquito. He loves children, and children love him. He is very humble, and when asked, he describes himself as just some guy with a wacky sense of humour, but those who know him, consider him to be the mastermind behind Nadreamia.

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Humanoid is one of the founding members of Nadreamia. An altruist, pacifist and vegetarian with a big heart. He works pretty hard on Nadreamia's projects. He loves science, with quantum physics being his specialty. He is in charge of creating the particle simulator for Nadreamia's future nanorobotics work.

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Yesso is a very kind and gentle pacifist, who likes to be alone. He is an avid music composer, and enjoys writing about philosophy. By day, he spends most of his time developing computer games. By night, he displays an amazing ability to sleep.

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